Saturday, September 12, 2009


Well the concert arrived and we performed really well, the caterpillar was ready and off we went, it was so exciting. We also sang purerehua and did our haka which we really like doing.

We made a caterpillar for the Maori Pacific Island Festival at the Edgar Centre. We sang Noke Niki Nuku and the caterpillar walked infront of the children while they sang. Then we sang Purerehua, it was really difficult because we had to walk on our knees.

It was so much fun today experimenting with colour and patterns. We created designs on the table with paint then placed a piece of paper on top to transfer the pattern to the paper. What lovely patterns we made.

Today we took advantage of the strong windy day and took the children to the local park. We tied plastic bags onto wool and had such a great time watching them blowing in the wind.